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“I write and produce because I want to bring about change and knowledge by telling compelling stories of people and organizations who make a difference.”

– Cat Makino


The pandemic has taught us that non-profit organizations (NPOs) are a key part of society. Their vision and spirit bring hope and uplift to us all. Without the goodwill and dedication of those working in NPOs, the world would be a poorer place.

But for many NPOs, the problem is to make themselves heard. In an age of information overload, it is easy for the messages of even the most worthy causes to be drowned by the noise of the crowd. My experience of working with non-profits, listening to their goals, identifying key messages, and presenting them in a story form that compels attention from the readers, can form an important tool in the organization’s publicity toolbox.


While living in Japan, I worked with many different companies, varying in scale from one-man entrepreneurial startups to massive multinational brands, helping to bring their products and services to the public.

I have always found it important to convey more than the description of the article or service being provided – it is also necessary to convey some of the philosophy and passion of the people behind the new item, explaining how and why it has been produced, adding human interest to might what otherwise be a technical description lacking appeal.


Sometimes I come across stories that simply beg to be told to the world. Sometimes these are stories of trouble and pain – stories of individuals, whose suffering highlights a bigger problem that affects many. Sometimes these are stories of triumph over adversity – stories which inspire us all to reach further and higher.

When I come across any such story, I know that it must be treated with sensitivity. Sometimes identities need to be protected, and very often the whole truth may not appear at once, and it becomes necessary to gain the confidence of the person I am interviewing over a period of time. Though these stories may be the hardest to write, I find them to be the most satisfying, as they may make a significant difference to the lives of many readers whom I will never meet in person.

“Great article!  Thank you so much for your time in making sure you captured the essence of the Ronald McDonald House and our A Few Good Men and Women Awards Gala.”

Dear Cat,
Just read your beautiful article on Sunday at the Roost Lounge benefiting VOICES FOR CHILDREN. You are a phenomenal asset to our valley.Your research, your eloquent writing convey a poignant picture of these children and their need. You are a treasure!!!  


We love Cat Makino’s story in CV Independent about Wyman Lancaster, who was working at an Orange County construction company when he decided to move to the Coachella Valley and take up painting. After only a year and half, the 42-year-old self-taught artist’s paintings started selling enough to make a living.”

“Thank you Cat. You wrote a great article. I love and appreciate you so much. Thank you again for taking your time to do a great job!”

“I’ve worked with Cat Makino since April 2021. She’s a talented, versatile journalist who’s willing to tackle multiple topics, from art to personality profiles to politics and beyond. She’s experienced, enthusiastic and able to tackle almost any story, large or small.”

“I wanted to express my appreciation for Cat’s wonderful article on our group. Cat is an amazing writer. She took hours of conversations and pulled together an article that really gave the reader the insight on our ups and downs.” 

“I hope Cat’s article will inspire other groups to fight for their beliefs.”

Respectfully and gratefully,


“Hi Cat,

It’s wonderful. Thank you for writing this. I really feel like you understand me and my artistic vision.”



“Hi Cat- just wanted to thank you for the great article. We’ve had a lovely and amazing response – thanks for such a fun experience!”

“Thank you, Cat.  Sensational article.  Have a great weekend.”

“I have worked with Cat on many assignments. She always succeeds in teasing out the vital elements of her interview subjects’ personalities and their stories, and bringing them to life on the page.”

Hugh Ashton, freelance editor and novelist

“Ink drop !! That’s a great article !!  All my old friends are reaching out saying what a really well written piece and that you really got me!
Thank you again !!!”

“From covering inspirational lifestyle pieces, exciting happenings on the art scene to investigative reports, Cat Makino delves into every story with passion and curiosity, translating into revealing and dynamic storytelling. Her articles are always a ‘must-read.'”

Maryann Ridini Spencer

“Cat Mankino really delves into her subject and takes you along on her journey. You’ve lived vicariously by the time you’ve finished reading one of her articles.”

Children's author Ruthie Darling

“You are a very talented writer with a great understanding of your subject matter when it comes to art and artists. Hope you can someday do a piece on me and my own work!  “

Jimmy Dorantes

“Ms. Makino is an exceptional writer who looks at things from a keen perspective. Her highly honed journalist chops, and myriad experiences, and all she has achieved throughout her career, she finds a way to draw in and involve her readers in a way that presents a whole perspective.”

Aleta Walther